Ada Community Member Warns Against Serious Cardano Scam

Some bad actors are trying to steal ADA coins from the Cardano Berry Pool stakes.

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) scalable blockchain network. Ada is the native coin of the Cardano blockchain network. The current trade price of ADA coin is $0.59 & this trade price is 135% higher over the last 3 months of trade price. 

Ada community member warns against serious Cardano scam 1

Because of the big rally in the trade price of ADA coins over the past few months, some crypto scammers are trying to use Cardano’s popularity to steal money easily.

Just a couple of days ago, Cardano community members warned all the Cardano Berry Pool Delegators to remain away from any kind of additional Ada earning reward program which was offered by some suspicious actors.

Investigations found that some Berry Pool Delegators received an NFT for the additional Ada earning program but investigation associated with the linked website found that it was a scammer and already a person lost nearly 200k Ada tokens.

A Cardano enthusiast investigated the scanner’s earning and found that so far the scammer stole a total of 450k ADA coins. 

So far no identity has come to light about this fake Berry Pool event scammer  & the scammer is rapidly increasing his earnings through his clever scam.

Cardano founder vs Bitcoin Maxis

Recently a Bitcoin supporter X (formerly Twitter) account “Bitcoin Beach” tweeted against Bitcoin Ordinals, a way to mint NFTs & tokens on the Bitcoin network. Tweet directly criticised Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson & said the Ordinals concept is a bad thing for the Bitcoin blockchain. 

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Hoskinson responded against this thing and indirectly said that Bitcoin maximalists are only trying to keep the use of Bitcoin away from any new crypto project which is not a good thing for Bitcoin adoption.

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