After 4 Days After The Hack Attack, HTX Exchange Restarted Limited Crypto Services

Finally, HTX crypto exchange restarted its crypto services back, following a hack attack in which the exchange lost nearly $30 +$100 million worth of crypto assets. 

HTX is a popular crypto exchange which is formerly known as Huobi Global. This year the company rebranded the name of this exchange under the leadership of popular crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun. As per reports, Justin Sun is the owner of the majority of the stakes of this platform but Justin never admitted it publicly. 

On 22 Nov 2023, HTX faced a hack attack & lost nearly $30 million worth of cryptocurrencies. Following the hack attack, the exchange suspended the crypto deposit & withdrawal services for all the crypto assets.

And also later the hacker targeted HTX’s Heco chain and stole nearly $110 million worth of crypto assets. However, Justin confirmed that the exchange would compensate all the customers who faced loss in these incidents but that was not enough to bring the confidence among the customers back.

On 26 Nov, HTX exchange resumed deposit & withdrawal of Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRX, and USDT stablecoin. Justin said that the team is working tirelessly to bring the services open for all other crypto assets available on the exchange.

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The situation for Justin is very stressful currently because of these hacking incidents. His other crypto platform Poloniex also faced a hack incident & lost $100 million worth of crypto assets. 

This is a very shocking moment for the whole crypto empire made by Justin because people are not feeling confident to go with all those crypto platforms or cryptocurrencies supported by Justin. 

In the past crypto journey, Justin founded Sun coin, JST coin, TRX coin, BTT coin, Sunswap exchange, and Apenft coin. Over the last 24 hours, the trade price of TRX crashed 2.17% which is the highest downfall among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

After 4 days after the hack attack, HTX exchange restarted limited crypto services 1

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