AI Network’s Runo NFT Sellouts Mark Big Win for Decentralized AI

[PRESS RELEASE – Seoul, South Korea, November 30th, 2023]

Asia’s largest decentralized AI ecosystem continues its push toward the democratization of AI.

AI Network, Asia’s largest decentralized AI ecosystem, has achieved three straight sellouts in under three minutes of its recent Runo NFT drops. Runo NFTs entitle holders to provide GPU resources to AI Network’s decentralized AI ecosystem in exchange for daily $AIN token rewards. The success of the drops has demonstrated the growing interest in the decentralization and AI Network’s commitment to keeping AI open for everyone.

The most recent sellout was a Runo NFT collaboration with conversational AI startup TUNiB. The GPU resources provided by the Runo NFT buyers will help the startup further develop pre-trained large language models (LLMs) and increase the quality of chatbots. The drop prior to TUNiB, a collaboration with digital fashion community VIIM, aimed to develop and improve fashion AI models that can transform the digital fashion experience for consumers.

“We are thrilled at the overwhelming response to our Runo NFTs,” said Minhyun Kim, CEO at AI Network. “It signifies the beginnings of a shift away from the big centralized players and their boardroom intrigue towards a decentralized ecosystem that empowers everyone to participate in the democratization of AI. This achievement only inspires us to work harder and innovate further, as we continue our mission to make AI accessible to all in the Web3 space.”

Founded in May 2018, AI Network is built on the idea that the AI industry must remain free of the over-centralization that is threatening to consume it. The success of the Runo NFT drops validates AI Network’s novel approach to scaling the provision of and access to GPU resources by incentivizing individuals to make their underutilized GPU resources available to the public. The resulting global GPU network can scale to meet the needs of developers and creators and, importantly, remain open and affordable.

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The next Runo NFT drop that has been approved by the AI Network DAO is a collaboration with GoodGang Labs, a Web3 communication platform for metaverse-based avatars, dropping on December 1st. Other potential collaborations are currently under review by the DAO. Projects looking to direct GPU resources to their industry or to contribute to the growth of the overall ecosystem can submit proposals directly to the AI Network DAO.

About AI Network

AI Network is a decentralized AI development ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Within its ecosystem, resource providers can earn AIN tokens for their GPUs, developers can gain access to GPUs for open-source AI programs, and creators can transform their AI creations into AINFTs. The ultimate goal of AI Network is to bring AI to Web3, where everyone can easily develop and utilize artificial intelligence.

In 2022, the company launched Uncommon Gallery, an offline NFT gallery aimed at making Web3 more accessible to the public. Selected AINFTs are currently displayed there.

In August 2023, AI Network’s parent company, Common Computer, raised $6.3 million in a Series B bridge round in August, bringing the total raised to $19 million.

For more information about AI Network and its innovative approach to decentralized AI development, please visit their website at


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