Binance Terminates Crypto Card Services For Latin American & Middle East Users 

Now the Binance exchange will no longer support Crypto debit card service for customers from Latin America & Middle East.

Binance is a top-ranked crypto exchange. This platform provides almost every type of crypto service globally under the regulatory environments. Binance Crypto Card is a conventional debit Card backed by the crypto assets values & powered by Binance exchange. Binance Crypto Card is accepted across 60 million merchants globally, so Binance Crypto Card allows people to spend their crypto assets across a very big network.

On 24 Aug 2023, the Binance team confirmed that its Binance crypto Card service will no longer be available to customers belonging to the Latin American & Middle East regions. 

Under the new Binance policies, no Binance customer from the mentioned regions can order a Binance crypto Card and all the existing Binance card users will be allowed to use the service till 21 September of this year. 

According to Binance, it will impact only 1% of the customer base, while this service will remain available in other regions with existing facilities.

Nearly 4 days ago, Binance launched its BinancePay services for Binance Brazil customers. This crypto payment service by the Binance exchange has a better ability to process crypto transactions fastly & securely between the users. 

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Last week, London-based Card payment processor company Checkoutdom terminated its partnership with the Binance exchange. The company said that Binance was a crypto company, so it was not easy for Checkoutdom to comply with the Anti-money laundering (AML) measures perfectly. In response, Binance’s spokesperson confirmed that it will take legal action against the company over the violation of the commercial contract.

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