Binance Will Distribute $3M To The Earthquake-affected People In Morocco

Binance exchange decided to distribute nearly $3 million worth of Binance coins (BNB) to the Binance customers belonging to Morocco.

Binance is a top-ranked crypto exchange the services of this exchange remain top-notch. The crypto trade volume remains highest on this exchange, as the majority of the people prefer to use this platform, instead of any other platform, because of the high security level of the Binance platform. 

On 8 Sep 2023,  At Least 2,012 people died in a 6.8 magnitude earthquake, mostly in Marrakech and five provinces near the epicenter. This was the biggest earthquake in Morocco after 120 years. 

The number of people who died in the quake is increasing, continuously. Some reports estimated that the number of people who died in this will easily reach 3,000.

On 12 Sep 2023, the Binance crypto exchange decided to provide some aid to the affected people in Morocco.

Binance Charity confirmed that it will distribute nearly $3 million worth of BNB coins to the customers belonging to the affected regions. Each Binance customer will receive nearly $100 worth of BNB coins. But only those customers will receive this airdrop, who live in the high quake-affected region & are KYC registered customers before 9 Sep 2023. 

Earlier this Binance Charity distributed $100 worth of BNB to all the Binance customers belonging to Turney, where the earthquake impacted the people’s lives badly. At the time, Exchange distributed nearly $5 million worth of BNB coins.

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BNB price action

The trade price of BNB coin is $211 & this trade price is 1.79% higher over the last 24 hours. 

Binance will distribute $3M to the earthquake-affected people in Morocco 1

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