Crypto Community Speculates On “Dogecoin Use In X(Twitter) Annual Subscription Plan” For Future

Finally, the X firm decided to roll out its yearly subscription plan for all the new customers in the two countries.

X is a popular social media platform, formerly known as Twitter. In late 2022, Musk acquired this platform for $44 billion & further introduced several new development works to make the X user’s experience better. Under the leadership of Musk, X became the best platform for people who are interested in producing creative videos, news, information, etc. Musk aimed to bring every kind of online service under the ecosystem of X. 

On 18 Oct 2023, X successfully launched a test program to charge $1 annual fees for the X users.

The X firm chose the Philippines & New Zealand in this initial phase of testing this subscription plan & only new users who register their account will go through this mandatory subscription plan. 

With this effort, X will be able to kick out those people who are using multiple X accounts via bot services, and with that X will be able to generate more revenue from the user base.

Elon Musk has been a very big supporter of Dogecoin (Doge). Musk loves to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Dogecoin. He also dreamed of becoming the first Dogecoin trillionaire in the future. 

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In the past, Musk said that Dogecoin would be the best payment cryptocurrency if the crypto sector stayed. Also, his electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla started accepting Dogecoin for Tesla merchs, since Dec 2022.

As the X team rolls out its annual subscription plan, the Dogecoin proponents are considering that Musk will surely create a path for the Dogecoin payment option in the future, as his other company is already accepting Dogecoin payments. 

So far no comment by Musk came regarding such speculations but it will be interesting to see the next tweet by Musk regarding Dogecoin. 

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