Top Financial Guru Predicts Bitcoin To Hit $150k Ahead Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval

Robert Kiyosaki predicted that the trade price of Bitcoin will soon pump to $150,000 because of Bitcoin Spot ETF products.

Robert Kiyosaki is a world-famous financial expert, who is mainly known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Kiyosaki holds a huge amount of physical Gold and silver and also has a decent amount of Bitcoin (BTC). He usually shares his opinion on the financial market sentiments & suggests people better financial decisions to fight against bad financial decisions. 

10 Jan 2024, Robert Kiyosaki took to his X (formerly Twitter) account to share his views on Bitcoin spot ETF applications, which are under regulatory development & decision with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Kiyosaki said that Bitcoin will hit $150,000 in the future because of the Bitcoin spot ETF products & he is happy that he already purchased Bitcoin many years back. 

He noted that the Central Bank is buying Gold, so the price of Gold will pump but warned that the price of Silver will crash because retail Silver investors will sell their silver holdings to pay their bills amid high inflation.

In this way, Kiyosaki suggested people buy Bitcoin, Gold,  and some amount of Silver but after the crash at a discounted price. 

It is worth noting that Kiyosaki’s statement on the Bitcoin price prediction coincides with a prediction by Standard Chartered Bank.

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Recently an analysis note by Standard Chartered Bank was shared with the investors. Bank predicted that the trade price of Bitcoin will hit a minimum of $200k in the next 24 months. The analysis was mainly focused on the impact of Bitcoin spot ETF application approval in the US jurisdiction.

Bitcoin price action

The current trade price of Bitcoin (BTC) is $45,793 & this trade price is 2% down over the last 24 hours trade price. 

Top financial guru predicts Bitcoin to hit $150k ahead Bitcoin spot ETF approval 1

Some ETF experts believe that the impact of Bitcoin spot ETF applications will not be sudden but in the long term billions of money inflow in the Bitcoin market will take place.

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