US Presidential Candidate Kennedy Jr Purchases 14 Bitcoins 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr confirmed that he purchased some Bitcoin for children. 

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is a 68 years old American environmental lawyer, member of the Kennedy family, and 2024 Democratic Party presidential candidate. In the present time, Kennedy is doing his best to present himself for the upcoming US presidential election in 2024. For this, he is also supporting the Bitcoin sector.

In May of this year, Kennedy confirmed that he will accept Bitcoin donations for the presidential election campaign. 

On 26 July 2023, During a Twitter space discussion, Kennedy said that he recently purchased 14 Bitcoin (two Bitcoin for each of the children) for the family.

On the same day, Kennedy also talked about the freedom that people can secure with the use of Bitcoin. He dragged attention towan a debank incident with Dr. Joseph Mercola. 

Kennedy noted that it is a very bad thing that his business & his whole family was debanked by Chase and they failed to explain the reason.

Furthermore, the US presidential candidate said that Bitcoin is a solution against such types of rude political activities, as Bitcoin always remains neutral to people and always helps people to remain free to use payment services.

Notably, the majority of the US presidential candidates are Bitcoin-friendly. Just a month ago, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, another US presidential candidate, said that he will oppose bad crypto laws if he is elected in the 2024 presidential election.

This is a bitter reality that the current situation is very bad for crypto entrepreneurs & crypto companies to run business in the US jurisdiction because there are not clear rules & regulations in the country and secondly the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), the country’s top financial regulator s trying to regulate the crypto sector forcibly under the country’s traditional financial Securities act, which is not applicable.

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