YouTuber Accidentally Exposed Crypto Wallet Backup Key & Lost $50k

A Brazilian crypto influencer accidentally showed his private key during a live stream & lost all of the wallet funds.

Ivan Bianco is an averagely popular crypto influencer in the Brazilian crypto Community. On 29 Aug 2023, Ivan was playing the online blockchain game Gala and at the same time streaming the video game via his YouTube channel Fraternidade Crypto.

To access the Game password, Ivan opened a text file in his PC. Gala’s game password & his crypto wallet phrase backup were in the same file. So during the access of the password, he mistakenly showed the crypto wallet back-up private key public.

This YouTuber suddenly closed the live stream to save his crypto wallet but he failed because he was too late to save his crypto assets fund.

The bad actor who used the backup key suddenly transferred all the 86,000 MATIC coins to his personal wallet. In short, this YouTuber lost nearly $50k+ worth of Matic tokens within a very short time people.

The YouTuber explained the whole incident through a video and in the video we can see the pain he felt because of this incident.

This incident brought a lesson for all crypto investors who are holding their funds in the self-custody crypto wallet. People should never keep their private keys in online places and also not on computers or laptops because such places do not remain safe.

It is highly recommended to people use to crypto steel card or a use simple notebook or both together. Every person should first learn the basic to advanced guides before going with self-custody crypto wallets.

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